About the Company

Twenty20 is a marketplace allowing users to buy and sell Instagram photos as beautiful physical art pieces, and we're one of the fastest growing startups in Southern California. We currently power tens of thousands of galleries in over 30 countries. We have grand visions for empowering photographers and artists across the world and changing the way people everywhere discover and purchase beautiful design objects.

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Our Team

  • Matt Munson

    CEO / Co-Founder

    Matt is the captain of the ship at Twenty20 and is involved in just about every aspect of the twenty20.com site. He's even responsible for our team mascot, Kiley, a cute lil Boston Terrier. When using IG, he's a big fan of the soft glow of the Earlybird filter.

  • Todd Emaus

    VP Product / Co-Founder

    Todd heads up product at Twenty20. If there's a feature missing that you want, this is the guy that you need to hassle. Todd likes pictures of long walks on the beach and his favorite Instagram filter is Kelvin.

  • Kevin Fremon

    Creative Director / Co-Founder

    Kevin is the reason that the Twenty20 site and app look so amazing. He's a bit of an Instagram addict and takes (by far) the best pictures of anyone on the Twenty20 team. When he's snapping pics, he's a regular Camera+ and Filterstorm user.

  • Michael Robinette

    VP of Engineering

    Michael leads the dev team in making sure the Twenty20 machine is a well-oiled one. He matches strong tech engineering with your beautiful mobile photography in the most effective ways possible. Michael is a shredder of ice - both on the slopes as a snowboarder, and in the kitchen making homemade ice cream!

  • Ben Kessler

    Director of Operations

    Ben makes sure you get your canvas, framed print, or prism. And fast. He knows the mailman on first-name basis and can tell you the country code for any country we ship to by the drop of a hat. He refuses to upload anything but awesome photos to Instagram, and is also the part time DJ for the office.

  • John Kempe


    John helps our Twenty20 team grow. He is always on the lookout for new technological talent and expertise to join our team. This Oklahoma native is a wearer of cool shades and an avid reader, but hopefully not simultaneously! John continues to explore the City of Angels and invites you to follow his iPhone-documented travels.

  • Micah Cohen

    Director of Marketing

    Micah is a growth hacker extraordinaire. He makes sure anyone who would love Twenty20 falls in love with us sooner rather than later! This so-cal native uses his killer kick on the soccer field as well as on the volleyball court. Micah loves to capture meaningful moments on Instagram with the Toaster filter.

  • David Peredo

    Senior Mobile Developer

    David is building our new mobile app! He’s smarter than your smart phone and he knows it. His goal is to make sure your phone and Twenty20 are best friends. David’s number one hobby is fulfilling his dog’s selfie-taking abilities on Instagram. He also hopes to try Michael’s homemade ice cream.

  • Nathan Appere

    Developer Trainee

    The one and only French addition to the Twenty20 team, Nathan by far has the best accent in the office. He also loves croissants, beret hats, espresso, and our Paris photo collection. All kidding aside, he is often mistaken for Michael Jackson and is superb at cooking pasta al dente. But, stop asking him for jokes. He is busy coding. Merci!